The key to the acquisition and control of mineral resources at low capital cost is to identify properties that are technically viable and are located in jurisdictions that will facilitate timely permitting and efficient operation

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The mining industry is notoriously cyclical.  Boom and bust cycles follow the general economy but tend to lag on the up side for booms and the down side for busts.  These periods of boom and bust necessarily mean that the value of an individual mineral deposit and the mining business built upon it will fluctuate from prohibitively expensive to a bargain.

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 Existing mines and mining operations targeted for acquisition will be evaluated by geologists, consulting engineers and business interests to determine resource growth potential and unrealized operational efficiencies and performance enhancements.

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Our services help to identify and quantify mining and financial risk in potential investments.  Technical reports contain the information needed to identify quality properties that may be available at bargain prices.  Our technical analysis is a natural input to any fundamental cash flow or revenue based financial analysis.

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